Skye's Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Where Wildlife Gets A Second Chance

Wish List - SSWRC is a non profit 501(c) (3) organization.  All contributions are tax deductible.

Monetary Donations
Money is always needed for housing, feeding and veterinary bills for our wildlife. We are not federally or state funded so every penny helps!

Gift Cards

Gift cards from stores such as Agway Grove City, Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Tractor Supply, Home Depot, Sams Club, Local Grocery Stores, Local Lumber Supply Stores, Local Fencing Companies, etc...
Building Supplies
Lumber (all types), netting, screen, welded wire, fencing, roofing, dowel, waterproofing, nails, fiberglass sheeting, screws, etc… Anything and everything for building cages, pens, enclosures, etc…
Privacy Fence Panels, Animal Carriers, Chain Link Type Dog Runs,

Privacy Fence Panels have great uses here for lots of enclosures.  Large and small, plastic, new or used carriers and kennels. Any carrier or fencing would be of help for transportation, temporary housing, and rehabilitation. 5 foot high or taller chain link fencing.

 Artificial Turf, Daisy Mats, Grass Carpeting

We use them for cage mats, perch covering, etc...
Pet Food, Bird seed, Poultry food.
We like to use canine growth and feline growth to make many of our wildlife foods but we can use almost any kind of cat or dog food. Duck or Turkey starter mash & Bird seed, black oil sunflower and striped sunflower.

Baby Food - Frozen berries & vegetables
Jars of meat only baby food.  Frozen blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, elderberries, blackberries and frozen mixed vegetables.
Heating Pads/Blankets, Fleece Blankets, Heat Lamps
Any size will work. They're used for baby animals that don't have their mothers warmth to count on. They're also used for helping warm up an animal that is in shock. No Auto Shut-off heating pads please!
Trees, Feed Quality Hay
Young trees that can be planted in and around animal enclosures. The hay is used for feed for deer as well as bedding for many animals and birds.
Food and Water Dishes, Water Troughs
Any size or type.
Garbage Cans, Garbage Bags, Storage Bins
Any size or type
Cleaning Supplies
Simple Green Cleaner, Laundry Soap (must be HE type for high efficiency front loaders), Paper towels, disinfectants, , etc…
Office Equipment and Supplies
Copy/printer paper, envelopes, postage stamps, advertising and promotional services, copy service.
Medical/veterinary Supplies
horse, dog and cat type wormers, Advantage and Capstar flea medications… Any supplies can be used.

Baby Red Squirrels

Please make a donation to help us care for injured and orphaned wildlife.

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Eastern Screech Owl